Not doing shit for Halloween except watching spooky movies.

I released an album this month and I'm super proud of it! Please give it a listen if you have a few minutes :)

I started a new job and barely exist right now. It is a nightmare to try to accomplish anything

Started a new job and it requires me to be awake at 5:50 am. Waking up at 5:50 sucks.

So I found out today that just visiting local record stores was really fruitful. I had 4 places say they'd sell my tapes which is amazing

Found an old video of me jamming with a friend and it sounds surprisingly interesting

Free software for musicians & my set-up 

OK, Fedi! Are there any good alternatives to Ableton in terms of launching clips and loops live? #music #musicmaking #musicproduction

If you wanna spend a lot of time learning a synthesizer program but its worth it imo, check out
Sunvox is incredibly versatile, you can do all sorts of shit with it. has a learning curve, but its well worth it. easily my top synth program. another plus: it runs on fucking anything. it has apps for all phones, any OS you can throw at it, everything. Its the DOOM of synth programs. I kinda wanna build a midi interface tailored specifically for it cause fuck it why not

I'm an amateur musician/producer, using applications exclusively to record and produce my music.

My main musical interests are in my bio, but I'm interested in pretty much any style.

I'm looking forward to interacting with people on this instance and being a part of this growing community.

So here's my latest releases, and there's more on the way once I can figure out when where how.

I've spent the last 2 hours beginning to learn blender for 3d modeling and animation and I've got to say I'm way in over my head here but I'm excited for what this means for visualizations for future releases

So I'm going to shamelessly plug. I put out a split w hospital bracelet at midnight and you should check it out if you want. on all streaming platforms in a week :)

music: what is it?
how do others do it so well?
will I ever learn how to write a song with more than 3 chords?
what even is jazz, does it even exist?

find out next week on sierra keeps trying to get a jazz noir feel without understanding how to solo, or anything more complex than 7th chords, and even her grasp of that is shaky at best!

I made the pic on the left for my artist pic for PR stuff. Should I use it, or should I use the one on the right? I was thinking of using a different mask for each album 🤷🏻‍♂️

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