Has anyone tried YouTube ads? We have an artist on the label about to try them but they're expensive and I wonder how well they work

@Superdestroyer i've never used them but i know ppl who have, they will put the artist in front of as many people as the estimate says it will, theyre good about that. It might be worth a shot but advertising a creative project is risky, more people will be exposed to the artist, but the risk is people might develop negative associations to the artist because they were exposed to them through an ad, to me this seems just as likely to hurt growth as it is to get good exposure

@ffacidtrip I've thought about that, but the diy crowd doesn't seem to give a shit about anything I or LGR do, so I feel like I have to find new listeners somehow. It's been really frustrating and discouraging to constantly be totally ignored bc I'm not a hype label or band.

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