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Hi, I'm sierra. I have a little music project, Family Friendly Acid trip. I'm a trans girl, fuckin dork, and literally the hottest person you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. I admin along with @Superdestroyer. Support local and small bands.

hopefully done with building this. it's a guitar FX processor running on a raspberry pi, with an arduino midi interface to control it, built into a little briefcase thing. took about a week to get it working all the way, still bugs to iron out. the main software it uses is Jack audio connection kit for audio routing, and Guitarix for the actual processing. the RPi also is a wifi access point that you connect to and you can then access a web UI to control functions I couldn't map to hardware.

I'm convinced whoever came up with the way Linux audio works wrote it by smashing their face against the keyboard over and over and over until something complied

about to go see Chris Farren, it's so bizzare to me that my parents somehow came to fucking love Chris Farren, like he is not in their musical sphere at all but he opened for the smoking popes and they liked it so now here we are, about to go to a show where I will meet a few friends for the first time, with my parents and sister and aunt lol

yesterday after finishing the midi controller, the rest of the day was spent getting a rt kernel running. I can finally say I've compiled a kernel lol

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got the midi controller working fully yesterday, today I've been working on getting the raspberry pi to cooperate and headlessly run jack and guitarix, map the midi keys to guitarix, and become an access point to connect to the guitarix webui. no luck on any front so far. getting this to work would be hard enough with a gui, but I'm trying to do it over ssh lmao this is masochistic

gonna cover seasons in the sun for a cover comp 4 bernie

Arduino midi interface prototype for my raspberry pi amp sim/fx processor project

family friendly acid trip? writing folk punk? more likely than you think

Richmond isnt safe starting now 


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Toot string about killing your idols (1/5) 

i looked at r/mastodon

that was a mistake

who would have thought a subreddit for an open source project would be full of freeze peach types

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