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Hi, I'm sierra. I have a little music project, Family Friendly Acid trip. I'm a trans girl, fuckin dork, and literally the hottest person you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. I admin along with @Superdestroyer. Support local and small bands.

Richmond isnt safe starting now 




Toot string about killing your idols (1/5) 

i looked at r/mastodon

that was a mistake

who would have thought a subreddit for an open source project would be full of freeze peach types

no talk me i angy about the capitalization of software and tech by microsoft and other large tech companies again

one of my all time faves is releasing his album one song at a time, and this one might be one of my new favorites of his

My cousins live in an absolute rural hellhole on the Eastern shore, but because it's such a hellhole, there's cheap houses with a lot of cheap land, and since there's so many little streams and rivers running throughout the area, a lot of the houses are waterfront

This is all to say I went kayaking on a stream that smelled like farm runoff but it's ok cause it was pretty

What were people's favourite new albums/bands/gigs of 2019? I really enjoyed the two EPs from a London band called Dry Cleaning - they have a punk sound, with spoken word vocals that veer from the mundane to the surreal without missing a beat. This track is a good example:

I got a kyser capo, I feel like a true guitarist now

the best santa is bread santa

rip peter kropotkin miss u bb xoxo <3

the mighty mighty bosstones are folk punk, change my mind

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