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Hi, I'm sierra. I have a little music project, Family Friendly Acid trip. I'm a trans girl, fuckin dork, and literally the hottest person you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. I admin along with @Superdestroyer. Support local and small bands.

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Here's a song I wrote a while ago, It's very, uh, not trippy, but feels kinda like the day after a trip. It's a demo, the guitar at the end is shitty as fuck and too loud, I have a better version that I just haven't uploaded yet. fun fact: this song is based off of a trip I had while listening to Shine On You Crazy Diamond, but this song sounds nothing at all like SOYCD.

i really hate twitter, but like honestly where else would I be able to call Chad Lowe a boomer and him respond, leading to an actual conversation about modern music?

Trying out facgce tuning mostly to play never meant but also to
Idk Ill use it in a song maybe but really I just wanna play never meant

An abusive asshole who kinda split up my extended friend group between people supporting him and people believing the victims of his abuse just came back to twitter dot com, shits gonna be fun the next little while haha

End me

everyone on, if you want to be added to the list of accounts new accounts follow by default, reply to this post and I'll add you.

My little sister tried to get me with the scary maze game today

You fool, you absolute buffoon, you can not scare me with things I experienced before you were born

god i want more bands to move to mastodon, I fucking hate having to have a twitter just cause thats where the bands are. just got a 12 hour suspension for no damn reason, this is gonna be my 3rd account banned when it inevitably happens within a week

Taco Bell fire sauce: the rock opera, coming soon

Gonna fuck around and play some covers of songs that I did not write on twitch in a minute

ive been noticing a trend so i wanna do a super scientific poll:
trans people, do you listen to Oingo Boingo?

ive been noticing a trend so i wanna do a super scientific poll:
trans people, do you listen to Oingo Boingo?

Also everyone's fav, will Wheaton, was a big fan, he posted on his blog about the station a few times

My dad ran a pirate radio station in the early aughts that also broadcast online, and I distinctly remember always being confused why his friend would come over every week to talk to him across the table with microphones, but he let me say something once

Somewhere there is a recording of me saying poo poo live on air

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