ive been noticing a trend so i wanna do a super scientific poll:
trans people, do you listen to Oingo Boingo?


Not really, but I think I might be on a 7inch with their drummer....


He taught percussion at Mills College where I did my undergrad and (I think) sometimes played with the Contemporary Performance Ensemble, which I was in. Some of our concerts were issued as records. So it's not quite as glamorous as it sounds.

Relatedly, I did not adequately appreciate that music department when I was in it.

@celesteh thats still pretty cool imo

and yeah i can relate to that except with photography lol, didn't use the resources available to me nearly as much as I should have

@ffacidtrip not at the time of voting, but after looking them up, hot damn i'm definitely gonna have to try to get into them!

@soundhole it's Danny elfmans band! If you've seen weird science they did the song weird science

The first album is essentially Danny elfman saying "Im so edgy oh my GOD I'm so very edgy I'm gonna show the world how edgy I am" but they chilled out with the edginesss after that lmao

Very halloweeny band, one of my all time favorites, and evertone I've met who listens to them is LGBT in some way, but a statistically improbably high number of trans people love them which I'm here for

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