Trying out facgce tuning mostly to play never meant but also to
Idk Ill use it in a song maybe but really I just wanna play never meant

An abusive asshole who kinda split up my extended friend group between people supporting him and people believing the victims of his abuse just came back to twitter dot com, shits gonna be fun the next little while haha

End me

@soundhole I never got into MCR so im seeing all this hype and im just aaaaaaaaaaaa i dont share the excitement but im excited for everyone excited lol

everyone on, if you want to be added to the list of accounts new accounts follow by default, reply to this post and I'll add you.

@Superdestroyer im boutta watch the exorcist I think, i haven't seen any of the classic big v well known scary movies and i wanna change that

My little sister tried to get me with the scary maze game today

You fool, you absolute buffoon, you can not scare me with things I experienced before you were born

god i want more bands to move to mastodon, I fucking hate having to have a twitter just cause thats where the bands are. just got a 12 hour suspension for no damn reason, this is gonna be my 3rd account banned when it inevitably happens within a week

Taco Bell fire sauce: the rock opera, coming soon

Gonna fuck around and play some covers of songs that I did not write on twitch in a minute

@celesteh thats still pretty cool imo

and yeah i can relate to that except with photography lol, didn't use the resources available to me nearly as much as I should have

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