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Just thought I'd do a shameless plug and say you can listen to all my music here at and I appreciate it in advance! I'll have some cassettes for sale in the very near future!!

anyone have any recommendations for musician/band accounts to follow?

Millennials Aren't Embezzling Nearly Enough Money. And Here's Why

Government subsidized program to put a kick drum, snare, and a roland 303 in the hands of every child in the nation.

uh hey whatsup :) Here's a song and video from a while back called The ann St.-Roubaix. Give it a listen!

got outed to my parents yesterday, they are supportive of me being trans but like i didn't want to come out yet. they're also mormon so while they're willing to do whatever it takes for me to be happy (which i am so grateful for), they're starting from a point of complete ignorance on anything lbgt, so it's gonna take a lot of work lol. honestly i couldn't have asked for a better response, id rather have chosen to do it myself instead of being forced to tho lol

think im gonna finally get around to recording some bullshit with the stylphone tonight. instead of just fucking around with it, i'll fuck around with it but also record it lol

i am v drunk and tim quirk of too much joy, the best 90s power pop band, replied to my tweet and said his side project is releasing music this year

my life is complete

installed Manjaro on my chromebook, the AUR is my new kink

ok, time! hi, my name is Ty. i recently got my degree in playing the bassoon! (and yes, i am gay, like practically every other bassoonist i know lmao)

i made this account mainly to try to find a place to post about the music i'm obsessed with. i'd also like to find and support smaller artists when possible! maybe in the far future i'll share the few songs i've written myself, but that's a big maybe.

Here's a track from 1993 done with my friend Larry Taylor who passed away last month.

Hey there, haven't posted in a while, but I've got an ep coming out on the 20th, and when I land back home I'm putting up another one for mid October as well. I've been hella productive lately and want to share so if anyone wants a preview just reply and I'll send you a private link when I land.

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