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no talk me i angy about the capitalization of software and tech by microsoft and other large tech companies again

one of my all time faves is releasing his album one song at a time, and this one might be one of my new favorites of his

My cousins live in an absolute rural hellhole on the Eastern shore, but because it's such a hellhole, there's cheap houses with a lot of cheap land, and since there's so many little streams and rivers running throughout the area, a lot of the houses are waterfront

This is all to say I went kayaking on a stream that smelled like farm runoff but it's ok cause it was pretty

What were people's favourite new albums/bands/gigs of 2019? I really enjoyed the two EPs from a London band called Dry Cleaning - they have a punk sound, with spoken word vocals that veer from the mundane to the surreal without missing a beat. This track is a good example:

I got a kyser capo, I feel like a true guitarist now

the best santa is bread santa

rip peter kropotkin miss u bb xoxo <3

the mighty mighty bosstones are folk punk, change my mind

tuning to EEEEEE is fun cause the low 4 strings can be drone strings and you can play the melody on the high 2 strings and it sounds like bagpipes

ok so here's my question. why is mother mother not a band that every single gay tells you you have to listen to. because they should be.

Cold through broken baseboards
I despise this town
Snow on the sunroof
Two stories down
Hold hands
Wish the snow away
Rise in the darkness
Of the gathering day

Listen to an audio book. There are lots of public domain ones here:

Ordered a steam controller for 5 bucks, I liked it when I tried one at my cousin's house, wouldn't pay the full 50$ for it but 5? Hell yeah bb

happy thanksgiving what are you thankful for im thankful for ketamine

Has anyone tried YouTube ads? We have an artist on the label about to try them but they're expensive and I wonder how well they work

meta? not really a subtoot, but an earnest fyi 

Does electronic music count as DIY? Anyway, I've just released this tiny album:

Hey guys. I wanted to share my new original song 💕

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