Here's a track from 1993 done with my friend Larry Taylor who passed away last month.

Time to go get some special spring rolls form La Maison du Rouleau de Printemps!

My longtime friend, musician Larry Taylor has left us at 77. I played with Larry over the past 45 years. Larry was a co-founder of the band Canned Heat and played with Tom Waits for many years.

Anyone watching this, that was a quote, including "start with those names..." You may well know many of these, too.

And more suggestions, from the forum, some of which look interesting:

Brian Eno :- Ambient 1: Music for Airports, comes to mind.

Jay Alansky :- Mercy Street, Reminiscent Drive, Ambrosia.

Blue Six - Beautiful Tomorrow - (but not the dance stuff) They use wind instruments along with the synth sounds.

Start with those names and you'll start to find more.

Basically, someone suggested "ambient jazz", which sounds apt.

I can't belive Amandla was 30 F***ing Years Ago!

Still looking for the best place on the fed. I'm already in 5 or more, so still seeking! I post mostly which is often on

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