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ok, time! hi, my name is Ty. i recently got my degree in playing the bassoon! (and yes, i am gay, like practically every other bassoonist i know lmao)

i made this account mainly to try to find a place to post about the music i'm obsessed with. i'd also like to find and support smaller artists when possible! maybe in the far future i'll share the few songs i've written myself, but that's a big maybe.

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@Authoritimmy might i suggest this live performance?

it's what sold me. just watch the drummer

ok so here's my question. why is mother mother not a band that every single gay tells you you have to listen to. because they should be.

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Me at concerts: "Put your phone away who is gonna want to watch that??"

Me watching folk punk concerts from 2008 on YouTube: "Amazing show wow history has been preserved!"

nothing expresses the sentiment of "hang on to even the littlest thing to keep yourself alive" like the line "and if you cannot find a bridge just think about your fridge and remember that you've got a big pot of hummus" and that's why i'm glad my sister got me to listen to Tom Rosenthal

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i can't believe i made a playlist for a third fictional character... and what's worse is it took me a week to make because it had to be perfect (bc zuko is perfect) but i still feel like it's missing something

ok so imo the most poignant mountain goats simile is "i turned it over in my mind like a living chinese finger trap," but the best mountain goats lyric with musical context is easily "i took your hips in my hands and i threw you down to the new found rich brown deep wet ground" and that fact? cannot be disputed

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first of all, with air support all things are possible, so jot that down — ancient woodwind proverb

idk what part of what i'm about to say is more unbelievable: that i have a signed copy of insomniac by green day or that i got it at a thrift store for $3

not that the cavetown concert i went to this weekend was just ok because it was awesome, but their opener, field medic, is my new favorite band like !?! my exact vibe 10/10

everyone has been saying that 2019 was gonna be the year for an MCR reunion but i never took them seriously... but uhh... turns out they were right?

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I'm not saying the best part of this past weekend's #GeorgeLewis #concert at #NYU was a startled violinist, but there was a startled violinist and it was Quality Entertainment — read all about it in my latest for #TheLogJournal:

#ClassicalMusic #ContemporaryClassical #MyArticles

i'm going to see twenty one pilots next week, and out of my weird guilt over participating in mainstream society, i diy-d my own merch with things i already had in my house?

damn it. i was too lethargic and broke to buy tickets to see yungblud before and now when i have the money and mental energy it's too late and they're all sold out. this is upsetting me more than it should probably. especially because i don't know when/if he's coming back to the US again.

My sister told me to watch Dances Moving and that led me to this song that I've really been loving lately: See The Day by Brian David Gilbert. It's great on its own but even better in context!

realized i forgot to mention in my intro post that making playlists is sort of a hobby of mine; i have a ton of them on youtube (i wish SO BAD that 8tracks was still good ugh) so if you're in desperate need of a weirdly specific mood, hmu i guess?

in music that i loved recently: i'm not ashamed to admit that i got so caught off guard emotionally by Big Bowl In The Sky by Cavetown that i cried the first time i heard it (last week)

ok here's my three favorite bands (all equally my favorite i could never pick i don't even want to think about it) for you to judge my music taste with lmao

twenty one pilots
the mountain goats

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